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From July to December 2020, the Remigio Restaurant moves to Paseo del Queiles. The usual service and the same quality of our recipes both to enjoy locally and to take away. Specialty in rice.



Closing days: Wednesday night, full Thursday and Sunday night

Avocado, pineapple and prawn salad14 €
Tomato and bonito salad14 €
Strudel of foie, pineapple and goat cheese14 €
Acorn ham high expression of the Valle de los Pedroches22 €
Beetroot tartar with anchovies13 €

Price per person. Minimum for 2 people. Deposit of € 3 per person that is recovered when returning the paella pan.


Rice ‘Campero’ (with vegetables, rabbit and snails)15 €
Rice “del señorito” (with squid, mussels and shrimps)16 €
Rice with duck, pumpkin, mushroom and foie17 €
Rice with octopus and romesco sauce20 €
Pumpkin, mushroom and mushroom risotto16 €
Chicken Coop rice: chicken broth, wings, chicken gizzards and rooster crests17 €
Squid Black Rice sole18 €
Rice from the garden: Seasonal vegetable rice16 €


Fideuá ‘Campera’ with vegetables, rabbit and snails15 €
Fideuá “del señorito” (with squid, mussels, prawns and shrimps)16 €
Fideuá duck, mushrooms and foie17 €
Fideuá with octopus20 €
Chicken fideuá: chicken broth, wings, sweetbreads, chicken livers and rooster combs17 €
Black squid fideuá sole18 €
Fideuá from the garden with seasonal vegetables16 €
Fried young garlic13 €
Green ‘del cristal’ peppers stuffed with ham13 €
Zucchini flowers stuffed with gouda cheese15 €
Pochas with ‘fritada’14 €
Spinach, roquefort, pine nut and raisin ravioli with pumpkin cream14 €
Fried piparras12 €
Snails13 €
Seafood soup10 €
Ham and hard-boiled egg croquettes12 €
Piquillo peppers stuffed with spider crab15 €
Fried egg bites, potatoes and smoked bacon15 €


Baby squids stuffed in their ink with rice16 €
Eel in green sauce20 €
Baked hook hake with piquillo19 €
Octopus, parmentier and red ‘pipian’21 €
Ajoarriero Cod with snails19 €
Hake cocochas al pil-pil28 €
Grilled sirloin steak with garnish20 €
Suckling pig19 €
Draft cow chop46 €
Boneless and ironed pig’s trotter with foie gras, parmentiere and Oporto sauce18 €
Calf17 €
Meatballs from ‘Luisito’ with demi-glace and summer truffle18 €
Cheesecake6.5 €
Redonditos with hot chocolate6.5 €
Curd5.5 €
Coffee flan5.5 €
Chocolate passion6.5 €
Lemon sorbet with cava5.5 €
Artisan ice cream5.5  €
Lard cookies6  €
Scottish6  €
Irish6  €


Pese a nuestro esfuerzo, informamos a comensales con niveles muy sensibles de alergias o intolerancias que siempre puede existir una ‘contaminación cruzada’. Si usted es alérgico o no tolera determinados ingredientes, consulte con nuestro personal.

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