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The history of Hostal Restaurante Remigio begins in the 19th century. In 1839 Julian Pelairea and his wife bought the house that would become the ‘Posada Pelairea’; family business which passed from father to son. Decades later, in 1905, Remigio Gonzalez begins to manage the establishment, then known as ‘Fonda Europa‘. In early 20th century, it began to carry out the activity of distribution and export of vegetables, sign of gastronomic identity of Tudela and Ribera of Navarre of which Hostel & Restaurant Remigio is a proud ambassador.

It wasn’t until 1963 when the Salcedo-Zabalza family takes over the Hostel-Restaurant, already known as Remigio. Family out of tradition on catering, they owned the popular restaurant “Choco” . And since those early 60’s go three generations, now Salcedo-Irala. Respecting an ideal. Opening its doors to everybody to enjoy the cuisine of a land and staying in the hall of Tudela. Come and enjoy the time.


What the legend tells is true … The poet and narrator of Romanticism Gustavo Adolfo Becquer tells on the first of his ‘Letters from my cell‘, dated in the Monastery of Veruela in 1864, the arrival by train to Tudela and his brief stay in this guesthouse of Pelairea, subsequently Hotel Remigio- before taking the diligence that would lead him to Tarazona.

"Tudela is a large village, with pretensions of a city and the hostel where I drove my guide, a hostel trimmed fonda. I sat down and had lunch; fortunately if lunch was not great, the table and the service were clean. Doing justice to the navarre woman located in front of the establishment."

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